BBQ Quest: A Journey into the Heart of Texas Barbecue

BBQ Quest, now in its third season, is an original series that streams on HULU and the website The show follows barbecue enthusiast and native Texan Kelsey Pribilski on her quest to discover the undiscovered, off-menu items at some of the best barbecue joints in Texas.

Season 1

The first season of BBQ Quest introduces us to Kelsey Pribilski, a barbecue enthusiast who is on a mission to uncover the hidden gems of Texas barbecue. The series follows her as she explores various barbecue joints, searching for those unique, off-menu items that only the locals know about. The season is filled with mouth-watering barbecue dishes and fascinating insights into the Texas barbecue scene.

Season 2

In the second season, Kelsey continues her barbecue journey, this time exploring the local flavors of the Rio Grande Valley region. She is joined by local guide Larry Delgado, owner of Delgado Collective and chef at house. wine. & bistro., SALT – New American Table and Salomé on Main in McAllen. Together, they uncover the secret menu items at some of the best barbecue joints in the region, providing viewers with an insider's look into the local barbecue culture.

Season 3

The third season of BBQ Quest sees Kelsey teaming up with Jess Pryles to go "Beyond the Pit" and discover the stories of dedicated pitmasters and ranchers. This season is divided into four episodes, each focusing on a different aspect of Texas barbecue.

In the first episode, "Legacy & Tradition," Kelsey and Jess learn about tradition in Texas barbecue by visiting restaurants famous for time-honored methods and traditional plates. They also visit a ranch honoring Western heritage.

The second episode, "Creativity & Innovation," sees Kelsey and Jess discovering new-school joints redefining Texas barbecue along with a feed yard using cutting-edge technology. Along the way, they find unique, innovative flavors and cooking methods.

In the third episode, "Texas Trailblazers," Kelsey and Jess meet up with several ambitious pitmasters, including some up-and-comers and one inspiring rancher who all found success despite facing challenges along the way.

The final episode, "Family & Community," has Kelsey and Jess meeting a couple of pitmasters and a 6th-generation cattle rancher who have always put their family and community first.

Each season of BBQ Quest not only offers viewers a taste of the best barbecue in Texas but also provides a deeper understanding of the culture, tradition, and people behind it. It's a must-watch for any barbecue enthusiast or anyone interested in the rich culinary heritage of Texas.