Embracing the Sizzle with BBQ USA: A Fan's Perspective

I'm a fan of all things barbecue. From the irresistible aroma of smoked ribs to the tantalizing taste of grilled burgers, there's nothing quite like the pleasure of BBQ. So, imagine my delight when I discovered BBQ USA, a smokin' new series on the Food Network that celebrates the art of BBQ in all its sizzling glory.

BBQ USA, which returned for its summer season, follows the charismatic Michael Symon, a maestro of meat, as he explores the vibrant and diverse world of American barbecue culture. The show, which premiered in 2022, is a delicious blend of a cooking documentary and a competition, giving viewers a front-row seat into the heart of competitive BBQ.

Each episode takes us on a culinary journey to a different BBQ festival or championship, where Symon gets a taste of the local 'que. We witness the fierce competition as teams of skilled pitmasters and grill masters battle it out for impressive cash prizes and the coveted recognition as "Grand Champions".

In the first episode of season one, we travel with Symon to Tifton, Ga., for the Rhythm and Ribs BBQ Festival. Here, we meet a fascinating mix of competitors, from long-time friends and rivals to eager newcomers, all ready to prove their 'que is the best. The second episode takes us to Olathe, Kansas, where 70 teams, including big names and solo pitmasters, are ready to battle the elements and stiff competition at the Qlathe BBQ Championship.

But BBQ USA is not just about the competition. It's about connecting with the passionate pit and grill masters who have dedicated their lives to the art of 'cue. Symon, with his love for barbecue and vast experience in cooking competitions, makes the perfect host. He engages with these artists, learning their tips and tricks, and shares them with us, the viewers.

The return of BBQ USA for its second season, consisting of eight hour-long episodes, is eagerly awaited by fans like myself. I've heard that in the finale episode, Michael Symon himself competes at the Memphis in May BBQ Championship!

The show's ability to deliver some of the "biggest and most intense competitions" as well as "the local and growing festivals" and showcase the "extraordinary people that make them come to life" has made it a hit among BBQ enthusiasts.

BBQ USA is more than just a show; it's a celebration of America's rich and diverse barbecue culture. It's a platform where BBQ enthusiasts can unite and revel in the sizzling goodness of expertly grilled meats. As a fan, I'm thrilled to join Symon on this exciting journey across the BBQ landscape, soaking in the sights, sounds, and, most importantly, the mouth-watering flavors of BBQ USA. Here's to many more seasons of BBQ-filled adventures with Michael Symon!

Season TWO of BBQ USA premieres on July 10, 2023, at 10:30pmEST on Food Network!