An Interview with BURNT FINGER BBQ

In the world of barbecue, few names resonate as strongly as Megan and Jason Day, the dynamic duo behind Burnt Finger BBQ. Known for their award-winning sauces and rubs, these pit masters have carved a niche for themselves in the competitive barbecue circuit. Today, we delve into their journey, their passion for barbecue, and the secrets behind their success.

[This interview has been edited for length and clarity]
BBQ 321: What's the most rewarding part of being in the barbecue business?

MEGAN: The most rewarding part is definitely the people. We've met so many amazing people through barbecue - other competitors, judges, fans. It's such a great community.

BBQ321: How do you manage to keep your barbecue consistent across different competitions?

JASON: Consistency is key in barbecue. We have a system that we follow for each competition, and we stick to it. We also use the same equipment and ingredients to ensure that our barbecue is consistent.

BBQ321: What's the secret to your award-winning sauces and rubs?**

MEGAN: The secret is balance. We strive to create sauces and rubs that have a balance of flavors - sweet, spicy, tangy. We also use high-quality ingredients.

BBQ321: What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into competitive barbecue?**

JASON: My advice would be to just go for it. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. And most importantly, have fun.

BBQ321: What's next for Burnt Finger BBQ?**

MEGAN: We're always looking for ways to grow and improve. We have some exciting things in the works, so stay tuned!

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