An Interview with HOT WACHULAS

In the realm of high-stakes barbecue, Matt Barber's name carries significant weight. As a veteran pitmaster, Barber has consistently proven his prowess, grilling his way to prominence and sharing his journey on platforms like BBQ USA. We recently had the opportunity to sit with him and explore the rich, flavorful universe of barbecue.

[This interview has been edited for length and clarity]
BBQ 321: "How has the competitive barbecue scene evolved over the years?"

MATT BARBER: "It's definitely become more competitive. There's a lot more people doing it now than there were when I started. It's a lot harder to win now than it was back in the day."

BBQ 321: "What are some of your go-to techniques for different meats?"

MATT BARBER: "It's all about the feel of the meat. You have to know when it's done by how it feels. And you have to adjust your cooking techniques based on the trends in judging."

BBQ 321: "What equipment do you swear by?"

MATT BARBER: "I'm a big fan of Cambro for holding and transporting meat. I also like Rec Tec pellet smokers. They're very consistent and easy to use."

BBQ 321: "Tell us about your barbecue sauces and rubs."

MATT BARBER: "I have a line of sauces and rubs that are available in various stores and online. They're all based on recipes that I've developed over the years."

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