From Battlefields to BBQ Battles: CJ and Alicia's Smoky Odyssey

In a captivating chat with BBQ 321, CJ and Alicia, of Momma and Papa Joe’s BBQ, dive deep into their barbecue journey. CJ reminisces about the iconic Briscoe Ranch Cook-off at the Crossroads and how, after his military retirement, the world of BBQ competitions became his new community. Alicia wears many hats during these competitions and brings a fresh perspective to their YouTube channel. Clarence spills some tips on cooking the best competition meats…. Plus, we find out why they transitioned from competing in 35 barbecue events a year to focusing on their YouTube channel. Tune in for a smoky adventure!

[This interview has been edited for length and clarity.]
BBQ 321: Tell me about the Briscoe Ranch Cookoff at the Crossroads Competition.
CJ: is probably one of my top three cook-offs of the year... What made it special last year was the school shooting that occurred earlier that year...

BBQ 321: How did you get into the barbecue competition world?
CJ: Well, I'm retired military... I discovered competition barbecue... and today, 90 percent of my personal interactions have something to do with barbecue...

BBQ 321: How many contests are you guys doing now?
CJ: …in our high years, we were pushing 35 events a year... but now, we're focused on our YouTube channel.

BBQ 321: What's the best way to get to your YouTube channel?
CJ: It's just Momma and Papa Joe's Barbecue on YouTube... we're doing some amazing things and growing.

BBQ 321: What are your top tips for meats? What's your chicken top tip?
CJ: For me, it's going to be your trim. Learn to trim... appearance comes into play.

BBQ 321: What about ribs?
CJ: The thicker, the better!

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