Exploring the Global Grill: A Review of Steven Raichlen’s 'Planet Barbecue'

Get ready, grill enthusiasts! The famed barbecue maestro Steven Raichlen returns to the small screen with a sizzling new series, "Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue", ready to set your culinary world on fire. While it may not be a head-to-head competition like we're accustomed to seeing, the show is no less riveting. If you've ever wanted to delve into the rich history of barbecue or explore international traditions of live-fire cooking, this is a series you won't want to miss.

"Planet Barbecue" sets itself apart by building on the success of Raichlen's previous shows, offering detailed cooking tutorials sprinkled with innovative techniques and visually arresting dishes. It's an exciting foray into barbecue's diverse global landscape. The stage is shared this season with accomplished grill masters and social media influencers, each bringing their unique grilling and smoking approaches to the table.

From the rustic gaucho asados of Argentina to the fusion of East and West in modern barbecue cuisine, each episode is a gastronomic journey around the globe. The series brilliantly highlights the fascinating cultural diversity and global interconnection that has shaped the world of live-fire cooking as we know it today.

Raichlen's engaging exploration of global grilling traditions makes it clear that barbecue is more than just a cooking method - it's a universal language spoken in many dialects. From an Argentinean meatless mixed grill to a Thai-influenced barbecued chicken dish called "Good Luck Cluck", "Planet Barbecue" showcases the regional differences that make barbecue such an exciting culinary field.

The series is filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas, at the historic Spanish Governor’s Palace. This setting lends an authentic touch to the episodes, which feature renowned Texas pitmasters and Tex-Mex barbecue. But "Planet Barbecue" isn't just about exploring local flavors. It also delves into the heart of barbecue cultures around the world, from Argentina and Brazil to Mexico, Venezuela, and Peru.

So, while "Planet Barbecue" might not follow the traditional format of a barbecue competition, it's an essential watch for those seeking a deeper understanding of the global barbecue landscape. It's about celebrating the universality of live-fire cooking while embracing the regional differences that make it so exhilarating. "Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue" is more than a cooking show – it's a ticket to a worldwide barbecue adventure, right from your living room. Tune in, ignite your passion for barbecue, and let Raichlen be your guide to the thrilling world of international live-fire cooking.