The BBQ Enthusiast's Guide to the Coolest Competition Gadgets

Some unusual items you might want to pack for your next BBQ competition...

8/18/20233 min read

The Gadgets That Caught My Eye
Over the years, I've seen a myriad of gadgets being used by competitors. Some are straightforward, while others are downright ingenious. Here are a few that stood out:

  • Thermapro Instant Read Thermometer: This is a must-have tool for any serious BBQ enthusiast. It ensures your meat is always cooked to perfection, eliminating any guesswork.

  • Duck Fat Spray: A secret weapon of many pitmasters -- Chicken Fried BBQ was the first to introduce us to it-- this spray keeps meats juicy and moist, giving them that melt-in-the-mouth texture that judges love.

  • Tea Infuser: Not just for tea! Competitors use these to sift finishing spices onto their meats, ensuring an even and delicate sprinkle that enhances the flavor without overpowering it. Meat Rushmore BBQ Team first brought this little secret to our attention.

  • BBQ Tongs: An essential tool for placing finished meats into the turn-in box. Another Chicken Fried BBQ secret, these tongs offer precision and grip, ensuring your presentation is spot on.

  • Tweezers: It's all about the details in a competition. These tweezers are perfect for cleaning up your turn-in box, ensuring that every piece of meat is placed perfectly and any stray bits are removed.

  • The Ferrari of Pepper Cannons: Because sometimes, you just want to treat yourself. This luxurious gadget grinds pepper with precision and flair, adding a touch of class to your BBQ setup. Totally unnecessary until you try it. Then you'll never want to use another grinder again.

The world of BBQ competitions is as much about gadgets as it is about the skill of the pitmaster. And while I may not be a competitor myself, I can't help but admire the innovation and creativity that goes into finding that winning edge. So, the next time you're at a BBQ competition, take a moment to look beyond the grills and smokers. You might just spot the next game-changing gadget in action!

I'm not a BBQ Competitor. There, I said it. But over the past few years, I've been a frequent visitor to BBQ competitions, rubbing shoulders with some of the best pitmasters in the game. And let me tell you, the world of competitive BBQ is not just about the meat; it's also about the gadgets. Here are some of the most intriguing, innovative, and downright crazy gadgets I've seen competitors use to get that winning edge.

The Quest for the Perfect BBQ
In the world of competitive BBQ, every detail matters. From the cut of the meat to the type of wood used for smoking, competitors leave no stone unturned in their quest for BBQ perfection. And as with any competition, if there's a gadget out there that can give you an edge, it's a no-brainer to add it to your arsenal.

Phil Breeden's Gadget Philosophy
I once had the privilege of chatting with Phil Breeden of LC BBQ. For those unfamiliar, Phil is something of a legend in the BBQ community. During our conversation, he shared a fascinating insight. Whenever he comes across a kitchen gadget, his mind immediately races to figure out how it could be repurposed for a BBQ competition. It's this innovative mindset that sets the greats apart from the good.

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